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About Us

About Us

Passport & Visas put together this information about passports in an effort to aid individuals in sorting through some of the difficulties associated with obtaining passport. Because passport applications are often only processed once every ten years, the rules, guidelines, policies, costs, and requirements may alter during this time (10 years).

This website makes information from the Department of State available to the public as it becomes available, but it is in NO WAY affiliated with the US Government, the US Department of State, any passport agency, or any other business that is tied to the government.


The information provided here is aimed to augment and make more easily accessible the information found on the Department of State website rather than to completely replace it. This website DOES NOT offer any goods or services, but we DO provide third parties with advertising space (e.g. Google).

No assurance is given by regarding the veracity of the data provided on this website. The United States Department of State has established the rules and regulations, which are subject to change at any time and are updated very frequently on this page. Please go to the US Government website if you want official information. disclaims all liability for any obsolete or faulty information found on this website. Furthermore, if you apply for a passport through, there is no guarantee or assurance that you will get one from the US Department of State. We just offer an informational resource on passports, travel, and travel visas.

It’s possible for this website to recommend services, and some or all of those services might be paying it for its reviews and/or recommendations (s).

This website is NOT associated with the U.S. Department of State, and neither do we issue passports nor do we have any influence on decisions, policies, rules, laws, or application forms related to passport issuing.